Research on Best Practices in Microservices

Research on Best Practices in Microservices

At HUMAN Engineering, we’re conducting research on best practices in microservices.

We’re launching a quick 5-minute survey to determine the following KPIs under different circumstances:

  • Deployment autonomy — deployment time, deployment overlap, rollback complexity, deployment risk.
  • Development autonomy — the ability to work on different services simultaneously, faster time to market, coding conflicts, and ability to adopt new technologies.
  • Low code complexity — the ability to clearly read and understand flows in the system.
  • Visibility — the ability to effectively identify issues and perform root cause analysis.
  • Alignment — the ability to enforce and maintain standards and conventions.
  • Run upgrades — address security vulnerabilities, and perform cross-component upgrades and changes.
  • Simple integration — ease of running and maintaining processes like CI, build, run, debug, integration tests, and e2e tests.
  • Code sharing simplicity — how easy and simple it is to prevent code duplication.
  • Dev environment — how easy and simple it is to run local dev environments.
  • Train new employees — how fast and easily can we train and onboard new team members and engineers.
  • Traceability and monitoring — how easy it is to trace issues and find data concerning a certain transaction in the system.

The raw results will be fully public once the survey is complete. If you want to get a copy via email, make sure to fill in the survey. Also, make sure to share it with relevant friends and colleagues so we can have as much data as possible.

The survey is available here: